Who Advised Barnstable HS?

On January 31, the FCC Enforcement Bureau issued a Notice of Unlicensed Operation to Barnstable High School (“School”) for operating equipment on PLMR, Family Radio Service (FRS), and General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) channels without licenses, without eligibility for GMRS and while using equipment not certified for FRS. The FCC ordered Barnstable to immediately discontinue and not resume operations and to respond to the FCC in 10 days.

EWA submitted a letter to the Enforcement Bureau recognizing that “ignorance of the FCC rules may not be used as an excuse for non-compliant operation.” However, EWA expressed the possibility that the entity programming the School’s radios may not have advised them properly of the associated FCC rules.   EWA further noted its representation of many radio dealers throughout the country and the non-compliance of some has caused frustration due to the economic impact it has where compliant dealers must compete for business against those entities not paying attention to the FCC rules. (EB-FIELDNER-18-00026485)

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