Public Safety Spectrum Approved for Business Enterprise

EWA applauds the FCC for granting a waiver request by Flint Hills Resources Pine Bend, LLC (Flint Hills) to use three UHF Public Safety (PS) Pool channels. Flint Hills, which operates one of the largest oil refineries in the United States, sought these channels only after exhausting all options for Industrial/Business (I/B) Pool spectrum and after ensuring that its system design and operations would limit the potential for interference. EWA certified the application for Flint Hills, filed comments supporting the waiver request, and filed reply comments responding to the lone opposer of the request, the Association of Public-Safety Officials-International, Inc. (APCO). The decision demonstrates the FCC’s commitment to not make a distinction between PS and I/B applicants when determining need for waiver relief.

On this matter, EWA President Mark Crosby stated: 

“This FCC decision just makes a lot of sense no matter one’s perspective.  There were no business enterprise frequencies remaining in the area that would accommodate Flint Hill’s technology of choice. There were public safety channels not in use, a number sufficient enough that after Flint Hills requirements were met, there are channels remaining for future public safety uses. In its Order granting Flint Hill Resource’s license, the FCC stated, ‘A grant of the request for waiver will permit Flint Hill Resources to provide a highly reliable, interference-free communications system which is critical in its daily operation and will assist in its fire protection duties on-site and in support of neighboring communities.’ Makes perfect sense.”

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