EWA Reviewing 6 GHz Industry Responses

Because of the recent shutdown of the federal government, the FCC extended to February 15 the Comment deadline for the NPRM proposing to allow unlicensed use in the 5.925-7.125 GHz (6 GHz) band while ensuring that the licensed services operating in the spectrum do not encounter interference and continue to function. Several industry organizations expressed concern about how out thousands of microwave links are expected to share spectrum with unlicensed broadband devices. The Commission seems to have total confidence that yet unnamed, yet to be certified Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC) entities will be able to predict, identify, mitigate and eliminate interference without addressing economic, liability, administrative and reporting issues. The use of AFCs is a novel idea, it may even be a great idea, but it is not a tested regimen that has been put into place.  EWA will be filing Reply Comments on March 18. (ET 18-295/FCC 18-147) 


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