900 MHz NPRM Released

On March 14, the FCC released a long-awaited Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) that proposes to reconfigure the 900 MHz band to facilitate the use of wireless broadband by a variety of businesses, including those engaged in critical infrastructure, by creating a paired 3/3-megahertz broadband segment in the band, while reserving two separate segments for continued narrowband operations. The NPRM:
  • Seeks comment on alternate approaches to realigning the band;
  • Proposes to license the broadband segment on a geographic basis; 
  • Proposes to authorize a market-driven, voluntary exchange process that would allow existing licensees to agree voluntarily on a plan for relocating incumbents and transitioning the band for broadband use;
  • Seeks comment on two other methods of transitioning the band to broadband use — an auction of overlay licenses and an incentive auction — as potential additional tools for repurposing this spectrum; and 
  • Proposes to designate the 900 MHz broadband service as a Miscellaneous Wireless Communications service governed by the licensing and operating rules applicable to all Part 27 services.
EWA will be an active participant in this proceeding.
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