800 MHz EB/GB Access Update

Last week, EWA provided its members and customers an update of the EWA application process for the soon-to-be-released 800 MHz Expansion/Guard Band (EB/GB) channels.  If you did not receive this update, please contact EWA Communications Director Andrea Cumpston via phone at 703-797-5111 or email at andrea.cumpston@enterprisewireless.org. Highlights of the update:
  • The amended Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) that will govern the frequency coordination for this spectrum has been submitted to the FCC for review. Following FCC approval, it is anticipated that the FCC shortly thereafter will announce in a Public Notice the date on which frequency advisory committees (FACs) may share certified application information. The FCC will also announce the date on which the FACs may submit applications to the FCC. 
  • EWA began accepting applications on January 23, 2019 and will continue to accept applications until the FCC announces details regarding the release of this spectrum. At that time, EWA will announce the closing of its filing window. EWA urges those seeking these channels to submit applications now.
  • You may submit applications using Cevo®, EWA’s online application portal. Applicants may also seek EWA’s assistance in application preparation for which fees will be incurred. 
  • Under the MOA, applicants are limited to 5 channels in any 70-mile radius. Applications may include up to six sites, and those sites can be within 70 miles of one another or separated by more than 70 miles, but each site will be treated as a separate application for purposes of the 5-channel limit. EWA will process the sites based on the order in the application and will process multiple applications from the same entity in order of receipt. Applications for simulcast systems that specify multiple sites within a 70-mile radius of the first site (L1) may be certified for the same 5 channels at all sites.
  • Once its filing window closes, EWA’s application priority order for purposes of submitting certification requests to other FACs will be determined through a computer-generated round-robin randomization process. EWA then will evaluate all applications submitted, pre-coordinate the applications to identify potential instances of mutual exclusivity and inform applicants of their standing within EWA’s application queue.
  • Please be aware that all duplicative applications that are submitted by a single applicant (same FRN) to multiple FACs will be dismissed and/or withdrawn. 
EWA will provide updates on this process as new information becomes available.
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