PLMR Spectrum Update

In response to inquiries from members and customers, EWA recently sent an update on the status of 800 MHz Interstitial and Central Station Alarm channels that were made available through a Report & Order adopted in 2018. Highlights of the update include:

  •  800 MHz Interstitial channels – The rule changes add 318 new interstitial channels in the 800 MHz Mid-Band, which will not be available until the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) concludes its economic review of the decision and the Universal Licensing System (ULS) is updated so that it may accept applications specifying interstitial channels. 
  • Central Station Alarm channels – The Monitoring Association (TMA) is in the process of amending its proposed consensus protocols for coordinating central station frequencies. The availability of these channels is also contingent upon OMB’s economic review of the FCC’s decision.
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