LMCC Submits Updated Matrix for 800 MHz

The LMCC has submitted an ex parte letter to the FCC that included an updated Interference Contour Matrix (Matrix) based on F(50,10) curves adopted by the FCC in the Report and Order and Order (R&O). The Matrix provides derating factors based on proposed/incumbent emission designations to be applied when Frequency Advisory Committees (FACs) process applications for full-channel 25 kHz or adjacent channel 12.5 kHz “Interstitial” 800-MHz frequencies. 

The FCC had rejected the matrix first proposed by the LMCC, requiring an update that conformed with the derating factors adopted in the R&O. The derating factors in the Matrix will be used to promote spectrum efficiency and ensure appropriate levels of interference protection for both full-channel and interstitial-channel systems.

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