T-Band License Renewals Placed in Pending Status

EWA has learned that the FCC, as it contemplates next steps for the future of T-Band (470-512 MHz) spectrum in response to Congress’ mandated repurposing of the band, has come to the conclusion that it cannot issue customary ten-year license renewals given that the band may be off limits for public safety and Business/Industrial licenses well before the next renewal date. As such, T-Band licensees submitting renewal applications are advised that the FCC will not be processing T-Band license renewal applications in the interim and that all such renewal applications will be placed in a pending status. Affected T-Band licensees are also advised that as long as their applications are timely filed and remain pending at the Commission, operations may continue in full compliance with FCC rules. There may be alternative ways to better accommodate the administrative necessities of issuing license renewals against the prospects of terminating incumbent operations other than holding all renewal applications in abeyance, and EWA will keep T-Band licensees informed of any new developments. 

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