Recent Enforcement Actions, April 24, 2019

Man Cited for Causing Harmful Interference to Airport GPS
The FCC has issued a Notice of Unlicensed Operation and Notification of Harmful Interference to Frank Reimer of East Brunswick, New Jersey. Mr. Reimer used a Global Positioning System (GPS) jammer while driving his employer’s vehicle. The emissions from the GPS jammer were causing harmful interference to GPS receivers at the Newark Airport. 
Notices of Unlicensed Operation
  • Nathan and Amber Redman for operating an unlicensed FM station of in Waldo, Ohio.
  • All in One Investment Group LLC for operating an unlicensed FM station in Hallandale Beach, Florida.
Good Luck Collecting 
On March 29, the FCC assessed a $235,668 forfeiture against Aura Holdings of Wisconsin, Inc. for what the FCC described as the “willful and repeated failure to provide truthful and accurate information to the FCC.” Aura submitted false information about its tower ownership and thereby delayed the repair of an extinguished light on one tower, which posed an air navigation safety hazard. It subsequently failed to respond to multiple FCC inquiries. (EB-SED-17-00024701)
Drop in the Bucket 
If the FCC doesn’t collect the $235K it has assessed to Aura Holdings, it probably won’t be noticed. To date, the Commission has fined robocallers $208M but has collected only $6,790, or 0.003%. Now, it is up to the Justice Dept to see if they can do any better. 
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