Recent Enforcement Actions for June 3, 2019

New Golf Carts May Have to Wait 
Constellation Club Parent, Inc. is yet another company that isn’t in the communications business and failed to realize that it needed prior FCC approval to take a controlling interest in an FCC licensee. That unauthorized transfer of 108 wireless licenses used at golf courses and country clubs will cost them $24,975 according to the Consent Decree released on May 15 (File No.: EB-IHD-19-00028425) 

Exclusive-Use Channels Only 
SSA Marine received a Notice of Violation for transmitting on 463.950 MHz “on a continuous basis for periods in excess of an hour” since it is licensed for FB2, not FB8, status. Apparently, a disgruntled co-channel licensee complained, and the Portland Field Office investigated. (File No.: EB-FIELDWR-19-00028709) 

Interfering with Weather Radars in Puerto Rico? Really? 
The FCC has determined that Caribbean Network Solutions, Inc. (of Bayamon, Puerto Rico) willfully violated FCC rules by operating two Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure (U-NII) devices without a license, in a manner inconsistent with Commission rules, and in a manner that caused interference to a Federal Aviation Administration terminal doppler weather radar station in San Juan. (EB-FIELDSCR-18-00027564) 

It Just Sounds Bad! 
The FCC has issued a Notice of Violation to Educational Media Foundation (EMF) of East Providence, Rhode Island. Apparently, EMF caused interference to the Pawtucket Fire Department by emitting a “spurious emission in the 72 MHz band that was not sufficiently attenuated to meet the required emission limits.” EMF must submit a written statement explaining the violation, outlining steps to remedy the situation, and a plan for long-term corrective action.


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