GAO Report Advises Against T-Band Reallocation

We knew they were working on this document, but the Government Accounting Office (GAO) finally issued its report entitled “Emergency Communications – Required Auction of Public Safety Spectrum Could Harm First Responder Capabilities.”

The report is very thorough, incorporates Business Industrial issues and, concludes with the recommendation that “Since the passage of legislation requiring the relocation of public safety users from, and auction of, the T-band radio spectrum, the potential consequences of these actions have become far more apparent. If FCC conducts such an auction, it is unclear that all public safety users in the affected areas will be able to relocate. If alternative spectrum is not available, public safety would be jeopardized in some of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas. Even if alternate available spectrum can be found, public safety users are likely to bear significant costs associated with relocating and reestablishing interoperability. These costs could go well beyond the revenue produced by such an auction.”  The report is being distributed by GAO to all relevant Congressional committees with jurisdiction over this matter. 

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