Recent Enforcement Actions for June 10, 2019

St. Louis Radio Stations Face License Cancellation 

Entertainment Media Trust (EMT) will face a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge to determine whether it violated the Communications Act and FCC rules. Allegedly, the stations have been under the control of a convicted felon. While the FCC has found significant evidence that Robert Romanik exercised de facto control over the stations, that he established EMT, and that he provided the funds for the purchase of four AM radio stations in the St. Louis area, Mr. Romanik is not listed as a party in any of EMT’s license applications. If found to have committed these violations, EMT’s licenses may be cancelled. 

Those Pesky Transfers of Control - REDUX 

Nutrien, Ltd, a Canadian company, did not understand that it needed consent from the BEFORE consummating two transactions where it bought the stock of companies with a collective 210 licenses. In the always mysterious FCC fine calculation process, they received a $24,000 fine pursuant to their consent decree with the Commission, while Constellation Club Parent, Inc. agreed to pay $24,975 a few weeks ago for a single transaction involving only 108 licenses. 

Notice of Unlicensed Operation and Notification of Harmful Interference 

The FCC Enforcement Bureau identified Joseph Foster of Island Park, New York, as the source of unauthorized transmissions on frequencies used for emergency response in Nassau County, New York. Further, the unauthorized transmissions caused harmful interference to public safety operations. Mr. Foster was told that they had ten days from receipt of the notice to respond in writing, providing the steps he will take to avoid such behavior in the future.

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