Concerns Raised Over AT&T CBRS Antenna Proposal

On July 12, jointly with FedEx Corporation, General Electric Company, Union Pacific, among others, EWA filed a letter expressing concerns about AT&T’s proposal to deploy a new “Category C” antenna for use in the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS). The parties noted that the higher proposed power risks creating in-band interference, especially to the extent that networks will be TDD systems; will increase the size of DPAs; add complexity to the SAS/ESC/DPA system; undermine use cases; harm investments, and limit innovation even beyond the impact already implicated by moving Priority Access Licenses from census tract to county size. An even more strongly worded letter on this issue had been filed previously jointly by API, NCTA and WISPA and others. (WT 17-258)

Category: EWA On Your Side