EWA Seeks Confirmation of Wide-Area Licensing Policies

Earlier this week, EWA filed a letter with the FCC’s Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (WTB) requesting confirmation of WTB processing policies for B/ILT applicants requesting wide areas of operation, specifically those exceeding 80 km. Essentially, it seems that the FCC will no longer routinely grant, amend or renew licenses that seek wide areas of operation unless they specify itinerant use channels.

Further, non-itinerant channels are no longer permitted to report a “Nationwide area of operation south of Line A”. Applications seeking the use of non-itinerant channels for wide area operations will be required to establish unique, 80 km site-based (center coordinates) service areas and, will receive primary protection only within the 80 km service area. However, for applicants who will be operating temporary operational fixed stations (FXOTs), wide area operations may be licensed, but all operations will be on non-itinerant channels and licensed only on a secondary, non-interference basis. This licensing tactic if often used by firms who conduct surveying operations.

Category: Technical Corner