Utilities Cite Reliability Concerns While Big Tech Claims No Interference at 6 GHz

The American Public Power Association, the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association and four other organizations representing America’s energy utilities have asked the Department of Energy to hold a meeting on the FCC proposal to open the 6 GHz band to unlicensed use. Citing significant reliability issues for the energy and water sectors, the organizations assert the plan to open the band could adversely affect the mission-critical services energy and water utilities provide across the country.

In other news, last week, representatives from Google, Facebook, Apple, Intel, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Marvell Semiconductor and others met with staff of the Federal Communications Commission Office of Engineering and Technology to present an engineering study that shows that incumbents will be protected from interference from 6 GHz radio local area network operations. The study was prepared by RKF Engineering, the same firm that produced the much-questioned analysis last year.

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