No Surprises During B/ILT FAC Meeting with FCC

Following up on a letter filed with the FCC, the seven B/ILT certified frequency advisory committees (FACs) met with WTB staff seeking confirmation of certain rules and policies governing access to exclusive use channels in the VHF and UHF bands.  Meeting results were mixed, with the FCC permiting the use of Longley-Rice propagation contours to determine system overlaps and, confirming that MO channel designations paired with an FB8 channel designation are to be protected as if they were an MO8. The FCC did not agree with the FACs request that it should be necessary to treat only an 80 km area of operation for mobile only systems as primary and, any area greater as secondary. The FCC also stated that the safe harbor table would be strictly enforced regardless of an applicant’s system requirements. It was recommended that any rule changes would have to be addressed through a formal petition for rulemaking. 


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