APCO Raises 6 GHz Concerns

In a letter dated August 7, APCO International reiterated concerns with the FCC proposal to introduce unlicensed operations into the 6 GHz band and stated that technical solutions for mitigating potential interference remain unconvincing. In the letter, APCO stated that “Even if the Commission is able to develop strong protections and an Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC) system is proven effective for protecting incumbent users, APCO is further concerned that consumers or manufacturers could defeat the technical limitations or AFC controls.  With hundreds of millions of unlicensed devices in the stream of commerce, when interference occurs, it will be impossible to identify and eliminate the source.  This could result in irreparable loss of mission critical communications and leave public safety without recourse.” APCO concluded by advocating for further research before moving forward with the proposal, echoing the comments of EWA and others in the industry.


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