Recent Enforcement Actions for August 15, 2019

Man Fined for Intentional Misuse of Public Safety Network
The FCC has fined Mr. Ocean Hinson of Surry County, North Carolina, $39,278 for the intentional misuse of a local public safety radio communications network. Mr. Hinson impersonated first responders in unauthorized radio communications on Surry County’s licensed public safety frequency.

Maybe No One Was Up to Turn Down the Power
The Enforcement Bureau (EB) issued a Notice of Violation to Gillen Broadcasting Corporation for operating station WAJD in Gainesville, Florida, outside of the terms of its license. WAJD is authorized to operate at 5 kilowatts of power during the day and 51 watts during nighttime hours. The EB monitored the station and found that it was not turning down its power in the evening. 

The Music Was Good
The EB issued a Notice of Unlicensed Operation and Notification of Harmful Interference to Everton Ladrick, aka DJ Ghetto, of the Bronx, New York, for operating a radio station without a license and at a power level exceeding the maximum permitted. 

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