6 GHz: Kizer Clears the Air and the FCC Takes a Field Trip

The filing of ex parte notifications continues regarding 6 GHz. Most recently, the Fixed Wireless Communications Coalition submitted a report by George Kizer, noted author of two microwave books, editor for the Wiley IEEE series on radio frequency and microwave, and president of the National Spectrum Management Association, among other accolades. While both sides of this debate cite the same document—ECC Report 302, Kizer notes that only one correctly interprets the findings. According to Mr. Kizer, ECC Report 302 demonstrates that “all RLANs whether indoors or outdoors threaten [Fixed Service] FS interference unless under [automated frequency coordination] AFC control.” 

According to an ex parte filed by the Utilities Technology Council, some FCC staff toured a Washington-DC area Excelon facility that utilizes a 6 GHz microwave system to support Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and teleprotection systems. These systems “monitor and control the balance of power. . . which must be constantly in equilibrium. The microwave system also isolates transmission-line faults to protect high voltage transformers from overloads.” During the tour, Exelon stated that harmful interference would prevent the utility from effectively monitoring the health of transmission lines between substations, which could require the utility to remove a line from service rather than risk damage to the transformer. This action would result in a power outage to thousands of customers.

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