Recent Enforcement Actions, October 4, 2019

Notices of Violation

Issued to J & J Broadcasting, registrant of three antenna structures in Cary Township, Wisconsin, for the following violations:

  • Lights extinguished between dawn and dusk, in violation of 47 CFR 17.23: “[E]ach antenna structure must be painted and lighted in accordance with any painting and lighting requirements prescribed on the antenna structure’s registration, or in accordance with any other specifications provided by the Commission”;
  • Not reporting the extinguishment to the Federal Aviation Association, as stipulated in 47 CFR 73.49; and
  • Not enclosing antenna “towers having radio frequency potential at the base” with effective locked fences or other enclosures as stated in 47 CFR 73.49.

Issued to Star City Broadcasting, LLC, licensee of Station WAZY-FM in Lafayette, Indiana, for the following violations of FCC rules:

  • Operating outside of the permitted parameters of its authorized power, as stated in 47 CFR 73.1560(b); and
  •  Having a non-functioning remote-control equipment, violating 47 CFR 73.1400(a)(ii).
Category: Enforcement Corner