FCC Suspends Renewals for T-Band, Pai Urges Congress to Repeal Mandate

In a Public Notice released December 2, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced that it “will accept but not grant, applications to renew Part 22 and Part 90 licenses for operation in the 470-512 MHz band (T-Band).” The Commission advises that licensees that have filed and will file in the future complete applications for renewal of a license “may continue to operate using their licensed facilities past the license expiration date while the suspension [of renewals] is in effect.”

In a news release announcing the suspension, FCC Chairman Pai issued a statement calling on Congress to repeal the mandate to auction T-Band spectrum and allow public safety officials to continue to use T-Band noting that the agency has extensively analyzed the band and has “concluded that moving forward is not viable – relocation costs for public safety licensees would likely far exceed any potential auction revenue, making it impossible to fund the relocation”. Legislation has been introduced in both the House and the Senate that would repeal the repurposing mandate.

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