LMCC Petitions to Correct Sprint-Vacated Release Dates

On December 31, 2019, the Land Mobile Communications Council (LMCC) filed a Petition for Correction requesting that the FCC recognize and correct the record associated with multiple release dates for the same Sprint-Vacated spectrum. Specifically, the LMCC identified 197 Sprint-vacated channels and their call signs in the 800 MHz band that were cancelled correctly by Sprint, but for which multiple release dates had been issued by the FCC. Multiple release dates for the same channels incorrectly trigger an additional five-year period of eligibility limitations. This inadvertent extension denies access to these channels for critical infrastructure industry (CII) and non-public safety eligible applicants for 3 to 5 additional years. As a solution, the LMCC recommended that the FCC correct its records and, in the interim, permit the 800 MHz Frequency Advisory Committees to certify applications based on the first release dates published by the FCC. To support correcting the record, the LMCC provided the FCC with detailed information evidencing the multiple release dates for the affected 197 channels.


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