Band Manager Reports Due March 2

In a Public Notice dated January 28, 2020, the FCC has reminded 700 MHz and 220 MHz Band Managers of their obligation to file timely annual reports on or before Monday, March 2. In these reports, band manager licensees provide information about how the spectrum in each of their markets is being utilized, the current level of service, coverage information, and any spectrum lease agreements. The FCC’s notice also stated that “failure to file an annual report may result in an enforcement action.”(!) 

EWA’s subsidiary Spectrum Equity, Inc., is a 220 MHz band manager, and has for years timely filed its annual activity reports without the need to be threatened with an FCC enforcement action. (Editor’s Note – Heaven knows why the FCC felt compelled to bully entities operating under the band manager regime originally created by the FCC, which is instrumental in promoting the efficient use of spectrum for a myriad of technologies, but the use of intimidation tactics by the Commission in this instance is excessive and unwarranted.) 

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