Construction Deadlines

It is not anticipated that the FCC will be issuing any further blanket relief from construction deadlines, and licensees with deadlines on May 16 and later are expected to meet their construction requirements or else seek a waiver. EWA understands that to the extent licensees seek a waiver, they must do so on FCC Form 601 preferably utilizing e-filing via ULS and address the waiver prongs of 1.925 or the extension standard in 1.946.  The FCC will not be able to act in response to informal filings, including emails or formal filings that contain no justification or merely mention “COVID”.  The FCC will be conducting individualized reviews of each and every filing, relying on the fact-specific circumstances described within, and returning filings for additional information where necessary.  

These processes are fair and reasonable, and the WTB licensing staff as well as the FCC’s call center are fully aware of these licensee requirements. You may also contact EWA if you have any questions or need assistance.

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