800 MHz 12.5 kHz Channels (Interstitials)

On May 11, the FCC adopted an Order on Reconsideration that sets the stage for licensing of the 318 new 800 MHz interstitial channels, spectrum originally requested by EWA in a 2009 Petition for Rulemaking. As expected, the FCC rejected the LMCC request to use an F(50,50) curve as the interference contour when coordinating these channels, rather than an F(50,10) curve. The FCC did adopt the LMCC’s revised derating matrix based on the F(50,10) curve although it denied the request that the matrix be posted on the LMCC website as opposed to being codified in the FCC rules to simplify the process for making changes in the future.

The FCC confirmed that applications for full and interstitial channels do not need to conduct a contour analysis if they are separated by the distance specified in the rules for co-channel 800 MHz systems. It also specified that the contour of a protected station must be calculated based on maximum permissible ERP while the proposed station’s contour is calculated based on the proposed ERP. The new rules will become effective 30 days after publication in the Federal Register and application will be accepted based on a Public Notice to be released by the FCC. Further application details will be circulated to EWA members and customers.


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