Pending Regulatory Matters

  • The FCC will be issuing a NPRM covering the processes by which T-Band will be taken away from public safety and business enterprises. Maybe legislation that terminates the reallocation mandate and saves incumbents from this potential spectrum disaster will be enacted to save the day.
  • A few of the 800 MHz Sprint-vacated spectrum release dates remain kittywampus that unnecessarily removes critical spectrum from otherwise eligible business enterprises. The FCC is aware of the duplicate release dates for the same channels and said a while back they would fix it.
  • We are still awaiting word from the FCC in response to a request from the business coordinators to apply some reality to the rights of mobile only systems to promote spectrum efficiency. Any mobile only area of operation beyond 80 km should be secondary, especially given that the units in these systems are programmed with more channels than are probably necessary.   
  • A Public Notice announcing critical application processing and FCC acceptance dates for the new 12.5 kHz 800 MHz channels (still termed Interstitials in some circles) is believed to be “imminent”.  More than likely, these channels will not be released in the Mexican border region and “buffer” areas, the latter providing protection to Mexican incumbent operations virtually to Fargo.   
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