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Recent News


This week, EWA notified thousands of wireless sales and service providers of the FCC’s Channel 14 (470-476 MHz) “repacking” effort, forthcoming notices from consultants, and, their rights and responsibilities. TV Channel 14 is adjacent to numerous UHF land mobile licensees operating in the 460-469 MHz portion of the band which gives concern to potential interference. Last year’s incentive auction held by the FCC required further “repacking” of TV stations and an additional 21 Channel 14 allocations have been made, including in markets such as Orlando and Seattle.


Recently, the FCC has taken two separate actions against noncompliant equipment, signaling increased attention in this area. EWA hopes this focus will extend to the issue of noncompliant radio frequency devices, such as two-way radios, that the Land Mobile Communications Council (LMCC) raised with the FCC Enforcement Bureau. The two recent actions were:


It may yet be a while before the FCC acts on a variety of associated regulatory matters, but on June 6, the frequency advisory committees (FACs) interested in conducting frequency coordination for Expansion/Guard Band 800 MHz spectrum gathered  to discuss potential amendments to the Memorandum of Agreement governing the application process. EWA was asked to prepare a list of technical issues critical to the management of the process. (WP 16-261) 



In an Order released June 11, the FCC named Nominet UK to be white-space database administrator. Part 15 of FCC rules “permits the operation of unlicensed intentional radiators on available channels in the broadcast television bands, the 600 MHz service band, the 600 MHz duplex gap, and in channel 37.” The database is used to help prevent interference to authorized users in those bands, including Private Land Mobile Radio Service and Commercial Mobile Radio Service operations.


Notices of Violation
  • The American Multi-Media Syndicate Inc. (AMMS) of Hollywood, Florida, was issued a Notice of Violation (NOV) for operating outside of the technical parameters of its license for a low power FM station. AMMS must submit a written statement concerning this matter within twenty days of the NOV for each violation.

A decision from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regarding the size and number of geographic areas in the 3.5 GHz band may be released soon. The IIot Coalition, comprised of the Enterprise Wireless Alliance (EWA), Edison Electric Institute, Utilities Technology Council, General Electric, pdvWireless, and others, unfortunately was unable to reach a compromise with CTIA and the Competitive Carriers Association regarding Priority Access Licenses (PALs).