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Recent News


The 6 GHz Report and Order (R&O) was published in the Federal Register on May 26 and the rules will become effective on July 27, 2020. APCO has filed a Petition for Stay (Stay) and a Petition for Reconsideration, arguing that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has failed in its obligation to protect public safety communications. The potential that the Stay request will be granted is a high hurdle as that would necessitate the Commission to conclude that APCO will prevail on the merits of its reconsideration request.


Now that the FCC has adopted rules creating broadband and narrowband segments of the 900 MHz band,  EWA and Anterix are working with the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (WTB) on licensing issues and related modifications to the Universal Licensing System (ULS) in preparation for voluntary incumbent transitions.



With the auction of seven 10-MHz Priority Access Licenses (PALs) scheduled to begin on July 23, many following this auction are now awaiting the release of the FCC’s Public Notice that will identify the applications accepted for filing and those requiring amendment before auction participation. 


  • The FCC will be issuing a NPRM covering the processes by which T-Band will be taken away from public safety and business enterprises. Maybe legislation that terminates the reallocation mandate and saves incumbents from this potential spectrum disaster will be enacted to save the day.
  • A few of the 800 MHz Sprint-vacated spectrum release dates remain kittywampus that unnecessarily removes critical spectrum from otherwise eligible business enterprises. The FCC is aware of the duplicate release dates for the same channels and said a while back they would fix it.

Some sources not from within the FCC, have posited the notion that the auction of priority access licenses (PALs) in the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) may be delayed if the capital markets are reticent to fund auction opportunities during the nation’s present  economic issues. This has some credence given that successful, revenue generating auctions are just as important as making additional spectrum available for broadband applications. At present, the auction is set to begin on July 23.


Coronavirus-related economic relief legislation that has passed the House and is now pending in the Senate includes provisions for repealing the T-Band auction mandate. Whether any of this legislation will become law and whether the T-Band provisions will survive is unknown.  It hasn’t as yet!