Wireless Works

The SIRSA Board of DirectorsIn St. Louis in 1953, business leaders whose companies were increasingly relying on internal two-way radio systems to provide necessary management control and dispatch communication requirements, organized the Special Industrial Radio Service Association.

A judgement against Janus Spectrum LLC and others in an amount over $14 Million was secured by the Securities and Exchange Commission in late 2017. Through a licensing scheme, Janus Spectrum and others defrauded speculators by persuading them that they could make “Money from Thin Air” by investing in licenses in the 800 MHz band. EWA considers such speculative schemes a threat to legitimate spectrum users and the 800 MHz band that is all too often the target.


EWA engages in advocacy concerning a wide array of regulatory matters that affect the business interests of its members. In 2018, EWA will focus its advocacy work in three areas:

Have you or your customers recently received a letter from Federal Licensing, Inc., or Federal License Management, which are two entirely separate and unrelated organizations? These companies routinely troll the FCC Universal Licensing Service (ULS) database for licensee information. They then send misleading letters containing inaccurate statements that seem intended to create fear among unsuspecting recipients regarding potential FCC fines and other repercussions if a response - and monies – are not immediately provided to these companies.

When it comes to delivering wireless solutions, timing is everything. You want things accomplished fast and your customers want things done even faster. That is why EWA created Cevo Go – the new mobile app that allows you to secure certified frequencies within hours or minutes, not days or weeks.

EWA has been consulting with the principals of goTenna, a company focused on off-grid, tactical communications. The company has introduced goTenna Pro which uses licensed spectrum in the 142-175 and 445-480 MHz bands to pair with a user’s phone to transmit critical situational awareness and command/control information such as personnel GPS tracking, map marking, biometrics, and text messaging.

Wireless Works is a monthly newsletter that celebrates the success of EWA members in finding spectrum solutions, focusing on the ways that EWA has supported that success. In addition, it provides news about the private land mobile radio industry, including best practices and tips for using EWA tools, such as Cevo®.