Wireless Works

Are you using the power of Cevo Go yet? Many find it hard to believe that you can secure certified frequencies from EWA in literally minutes! Cevo Go secures certified frequencies for VHF or UHF bands for Business/Industrial Land Transportation applicants. Use Cevo Go to apply for a new license or to add a new location or frequencies to an existing license.

To protect the interests of licensees and to minimize the loss of critical spectrum assets, EWA recommends the following actions:

Jeremy Sklute, a student at Old Dominion University (ODU), Norfolk, Virginia, will receive the EWA-Joseph B. Vestal Endowed Scholarship, which awards financial aid to a full-time student at ODU enrolled in Electrical Engineering Technology or Information Systems Management who intends to pursue a professional career in wireless applications or telecommunications. Mr.

On two occasions, EWA took the time to alert a private carrier that their authorization was listed on the FCC’s license termination pending notice which is published weekly. The private carrier said thanks and advised that they would take care of the matter. Several weeks later, EWA noticed that the frequencies had been in fact terminated by the FCC and, again contacted the private carrier offering support to potentially duplicate the terminated license. The dealer responded that it had submitted the appropriate paperwork and that the license status should now be listed as active.

To save on renewal fees over time and make managing your licenses easier and less of an administrative burden, combine multiple call signs into one, also called system licensing. Your EWA Spectrum Advisor can review your license portfolio and help you determine the best candidates for combination. Call 1-800-482-8282 or your EWA Spectrum Advisor directly to schedule a review.

A member recently asked us about this matter. When an application is entered into the FCC’s Universal Licensing System (ULS), it becomes public knowledge and is accessible to anyone who searches the ULS database. Every change that is made to your license is also recorded under your call sign, and that data is available to anyone that searches the ULS.

Wireless Works is a quarterly newsletter that celebrates the success of EWA members in finding spectrum solutions, focusing on the ways that EWA has supported that success. In addition, it provides news about the private land mobile radio industry, including best practices and tips for using EWA tools, such as Cevo® and Cevo Go™.