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Recent News


According to the FCC, the National Broadband Plan and the associated great infrastructure challenge of the 21st century will be as meaningful to the United States as was the development of the railways in the 1860s, the electrical grid in the 1930s, and the interstate highway system of the 1950s.


The week-long IWCE event recently held in Las Vegas was punctuated on closing day by a special two-hour “Super Session”, Killer Apps in Wireless, moderated by EWA’s Eric Hill.  Technologies included wireless IP video surveillance (presented by Mobilcomm); field worker and enterprise mobility management (NetMotion Wireless); security apps over mesh networks (Firetide); new paging innovations (Prism Systems International); and radio over IP (Alcatel-Lucent).


It’s out.  It’s released, all 376 plus pages of it, on March 17th.  The Commission has satisfied its congressional obligations in the $787 billion economic stimulus package by releasing its National Broadband Plan.  The objectives are far-reaching and you can tell that the Commission is proud of its work to date. Visit the FCC’s web site and you will find that they are promoting the plan with unbounded enthusiasm. Marketing is something that I’m just not quite used to from the Commission. It seems out of place to me, but maybe I’m just old fashioned and would rather they stick to developing, not selling, national telecom policy. 


Lubbock Aero, Lubbock, Texas, was found liable for a forfeiture in the amount of $10,000 for operating on 123.300 MHz without an authorization which could have been the source of interference to aviation support stations.