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Recent News


The American Petroleum Institute (API) has asked that the Department of Energy support their unique communications requirements by recommending that the FCC provide 30 MHz of exclusive broadband spectrum.  API states that currently their members are constrained by lack of exclusive licensed spectrum for systems that would provide for benefits in the areas of safety, incident response, effectiveness and efficiency.  MORE


The FCC, in a response to a Congressional inquiry whether broadband  “is being deployed to all Americans in a reasonable and timely fashion, “ concluded that between 14 and 24 million Americans still lack access to broadband.  Many of these Americans are poor or live in rural areas that will remain unserved without reform of the universal service program and changes to the U.S.


n his update to Senator John Rockefeller on the FCC’s spectrum inventory work Chairman Genachowski advised that, concurrent with the release of the National Broadband Plan, the agency had launched a Spectrum Dashboard giving public access to usage and licensee information, mapping and analysis tools for various spectrum bands all through a single web portal.


Senator Joe Lieberman stated, “It’s time to put first responders first” in his introduction to the First Responders Protection Act of 2010.  The legislation would provide the public safety community with the “D-Block” spectrum for a coast-to-coast communications network rather than allowing the FCC to auction the 700 MHz spectrum to a commercial carrier. The legislation provides for directing $5.5 billion in revenue from the auction of a different block of spectrum to support the construction of towers, transmission facilities, and equipment for the new public safety network.


FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski stated that “…proprietary solutions and market dominance play an important role in the problems with interoperability, innovation, cost and competition in the market for public safety communications equipment” in a letter to Chairman Henry Waxman, House Energy and Commerce Committee in response to a June 30 letter of inquiry on public safety communications.