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Recent News


The FCC released an Enforcement Advisory reminding the public – particularly fishermen - that the marketing, sale or use of radio frequency devices that do not comply with FCC rules is prohibited. This advisory cautions against the use of devices that operate on radio frequencies assigned to Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) that are used for marine navigation safety communications.


According to an Order released November 27, Gable Signs & Graphics, Inc. violated FCC rules by marketing light-emitting diode (LED) signs used in digital billboards and other commercial and industrial applications without the required equipment authorization, labeling, and user manual disclosures, and by failing to produce certain required test records. These rules ensure that radio-frequency devices marketed in the United States do not interfere with authorized communications, thereby maintaining network integrity and security and protecting consumers.


Notices of Unlicensed Operation


  • Issued to Tawanna M. Brown, owner of Brooklyn LLC, for operating an FM radio station in the Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania area.
  • Issued to Mendy Amsel for operating an FM station in the Paterson, New Jersey area.
  • Issued to John Palmeri for operating an FM station in Middletown, New York.

Check out pictures from the 2018 Wireless Leadership Summit, which are now available on Flickr. You may download and use any of the pictures here... 



Because of a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requirement, access to Central Station Alarm channels made available through an omnibus Report & Order (R&O) involving many changes to private land mobile radio rules, will be delayed until early 2019. Specifically, the new rules governing access to these channels requires  Office of Management and Budget approval given that the certified CSA coordinator will have additional concurrence responsibilities.  Comments are due by January 2, 2019.


The LMCC will request reconsideration of the FCC’s decision to use 50/10 interference contours in lieu of LMCC recommended 50/50 contours. In addition, the LMCC will note that the derated values adopted by the FCC are now incorrect by as much as 14 db, and if the FCC insists on utilizing 50/10 contours integral to future 800 Mhz coordination procedures, that the values need adjustments.