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No matter your level of experience, the two-day courses being offered by EWA can give you a competitive edge by preparing you to take the ETA certification exams. In just two days, you can get the necessary instruction and complete the proctored certification exam onsite. Courses available are: 


Self-Policing Yields $175K in Fines


On August 22, the FCC issued an Enforcement Advisory noting that outdoor wireless devices, particularly those operated by WISPs for P2P broadband connectivity could be, and have been, configured by the user or installer in a manner inconsistent with FCC rules. The misconfiguration has caused interference to the terminal doppler weather radar station operated by the Federal Aviation Administration in San Juan, Puerto Rico. These stations are used to detect wind shear and other dangerous weather conditions and are critical to safe air navigation.


Craziness - Man Fined for Operating GPS Signal Jammer

Frank Reimer of East Brunswick, New Jersey, has agreed to pay a $5,000 civil penalty, for deploying a Global Positioning System signal jamming device affecting airline operations near Newark Liberty International Airport. An additional $15,000 will be charged if Frank operates a signal jamming device or violates the terms of the Consent Decree over the next ten years(!)

Notice of Violation


We have been informed on more than one occasion that our Federal Communications Commission (FCC)-certified frequency advisory committee (FAC) activities make the Enterprise Wireless Alliance (EWA) “an agent” of the FCC. It is a responsibility that EWA takes very seriously. Our fundamental objectives are to assist the FCC by ensuring that license applications are complete, accurate and in compliance with Commission rules. If we make a mistake, the FCC bounces the application back to us with a request to modify the application so that a license may be issued.


With good intentions to gather critical information about the current prospects for T-Band application processing, EWA scheduled a meeting with FCC representatives. The FCC cancelled the meeting with the explanation that they currently have other priorities on which to focus.