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As the leading national association for business enterprise wireless users and the manufacturers, resellers and communication sales and service providers that serve the land mobile radio industry, the Enterprise Wireless Alliance is dedicated to delivering to its members news, information and events that can support their businesses. 

  • Through the Wireless Leadership Summit, EWA creates opportunities for members to work together to define the future of the industry. 
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In addition, EWA offers opportunities to the media to tell stories about the use of wireless communications in businesses across the United States. Please see EWA's Press Kit to learn more.

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Recent News


On November 27, the telecom community received the not unanticipated, but dreaded, news that Julie Knapp, the long-time Chief of OET is retiring effective January 3, 2020. Chief Knapp has been with the FCC for 45 years and has been the head of OET for the last 13 years. He has served during multiple administrations and during multiple periods of tumultuous changes in the telecom industry. He has overseen the introduction of virtually every technology change in recent years, including WiFi, 4G, and 5G. No FCC employee is more highly respected or better-liked.


In an ex parte filed with the FCC in early November, Anterix provided an update on the status of five experimental applications of private LTE networks using 900 MHz. In addition to testing the technical capabilities of private LTE and use cases, evaluating the potential for interference has been a focus of at least two of the tests. For example, Southern Linc successfully migrated “its operations from narrowband iDEN technology to a 3/3-megahertz LTE channel, an undertaking that required it to run both technologies simultaneously for some period, ... without experiencing interference.”


On November 7, 2019, the Enterprise Wireless Alliance (EWA) filed a letter reminding the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that Initium Novum, LLC (IN) has “had multiple opportunities” to demonstrate that it satisfies the Central Station Alarm (CSA) eligibility criteria and answer the FCC’s questions in the initial FCC Return Notice.  In the opinion of The Monitoring Association (TMA), the coordinator for CSA channels, and EWA, it has not done so.  It did not provide TMA with satisfactory eligibility information when the applications were filed, and IN submitted a minimal response to


On November 13, the FCC denied a request for waiver filed by Rohm and Haas Texas Inc. (RHT) and dismissed its application to modify its license to add two 900 MHz frequency pairs currently authorized to its affiliate, Union Carbide Corporation (Union Carbide). In 2018, the FCC implemented a temporary freeze on the acceptance of applications for new or expanded use of 900 MHz band frequencies.


At the upcoming IWCE conference in Las Vegas, EWA President Mark Crosby will participate on two panels covering the realignment of the 900 MHz band and an update on T-Band. 

WCE will take place March 30 through April 3, 2020 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. While you are at the show, visit EWA at booth number 1724.

Registration is open now.


During the 2019 EWA annual meeting, the Board of Directors authorized rate changes for the frequency coordination services listed below. The changes will become effective January 1, 2020. 

  • New/Modified Frequency or Pair/Site at 30-470 MHz: $195
  • New/Modified Frequency or Pair/Site at 800 MHz: $350

The rate for a new/modified frequency or pair/site at 900 MHz remains $300. Frequency coordination rates are exclusive of FCC filing fees.