Choose a Membership Category

There are no membership limitations.  If you or your company is engaged in any facet of the wireless communications industry, you are welcome to become a voting member of EWA. Please select the type of Membership to get started.

  • Private Carrier Operator

    Open to any organization that manages a radio network, and provides private or commercial communications services.

  • Wireless Sales and Service Provider

    Open to any organization that primarily markets, distributes, sells, reps., maintains or services wireless communication systems and devices.

  • Business/Enterprise

    Open to any organization holding an FCC licensee to provide voice and data wireless communications in support of operations, logistics, critical infrastructure needs, or employee or public safety.

  • Vendors

    Open to any organization that manufactures or produces wireless communications components, equipment, devices, systems or software. These members may also provide consulting, legal, engineering or other services to support Wireless Sales and Service providers or Business Enterprise companies.