What Clients Say About EWA

  • I wanted to commend your organization for the expedited support your staff... [which] stayed on top of the coordination process with us, even when we needed to use two different PSE engineering contacts due to project scheduling conflicts.... I was amazed to already see the UTC co-concurrence today for the channels needing their blessing. This was phenomenal service on the part of EWA. Keep up the good work. This type of service really helps our clients and us to succeed in building mission critical wireless systems.
    Charles Plummer - Power System Engineering, Inc.
  • EWA has been so very helpful throughout this entire evolution as we first renewed and later amended our license. All of the guesswork and stress in the red-tape process was removed, which allowed us to stay focused on production. You folks are just the best!
    Carl Rotach - Ada Cogeneration LP
  • I appreciate your partnership as we address our customers frequency coordination and FCC license requirements. The professionalism and sense of urgency in which your team deals with those requirements is second to none!
    Ed Meedel - Platte Valley Communications.
  • Silke Communications fully intends to renew our current membership. EWA's services have been a great benefit for our ongoing business. Thank you for EWA's continued professional support.
    Jim Silke Jr. - Silke Communications
  • You guys do fantastic work: great customer support and subject matter expertise. Thanks for the great service.
    Launita Hernandez - The Boeing Company
  • Thank you for your [License Management] emails, you're extremely thorough and that's great! I'm very impressed so far.
    Brad Goldring - Ford IT Transactions
  • Thank you. The customer and I appreciate the sense of urgency in which you dealt with his communications requirement. Your effort is stellar... just stellar
    Ed Meedel - Platte Valley Communications
  • You couldn't pry me loose from Enterprise Wireless and Ila Dudley for love or money. I'm fiercely loyal to EWA as they can take "stupid speak" and actually get the thing accomplished and licensed and I never have to look back.
    Dave Ross, Eden Radio
  • EWA Rocks! Thank you for your continued excellent service! We appreciate all you do for HCI.
    Rod Hubbard, HCI Communictions, Inc.
  • Thank you very much for the update on this project, as always EWA is efficient and professional. I appreciate all your help with everything!!
    Lewis R. Menning, Jr. - Mid-State Communications Services