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Spectrum Licensing Forms

FCC Licensing Short Form
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Signal Booster Registration Request
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Refresher on Antenna Structure Registration Procedures, May 2017
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Mobile Only Worksheet
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John Deere License Application Form
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Fixed Base/Repeater Application Worksheet
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Customer Programming/License Requirement Form
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Construction Notification Request
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Assignment of Authorization Request Form
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Antenna Structure Registration Worksheet
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3.65 GHz Worksheet
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Business & Operational

WLS 2018 Exhibit Booth Map
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Interference Resolution Report
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Canadian Concurrence Procedures
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2018 Wireless Leadership Summit Exhibit Information
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Wireless Sales and Service Provider Membership Application
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Vendor Membership Application
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Business Enterprise Membership Application
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Enterprise Wireless Solution Center

Wireless Advisory Services for Businesses/Enterprises
Vendor Sign-up Information

Legal & Regulatory Agencies

Universal Licensing System (ULS)
Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
FCC Rules


T-Band Webinar Frequently Asked Questions
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Industrial and Business T-Band Relocation Costs
FCC Initiates T-Band Inquiry, (FCC DA 13-187), February 11, 2013
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EWA T-Band Webinar Presentation, April 25, 2012
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Service Fees

Schedule of Services

900 MHz Private Enterprise Broadband (PEBB)

Private Enterprise Broadband (PEBB) Initiative


Narrowbanding Archive - FAQs
FCC Releases Order on Narrowbanding Waiver for T-Band Licenses
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FCC Issues Year End Announcement on Being Narrowband - Compliant
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FCC Clarifies 2013 Narrowband Compliance
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FCC Forms

FCC Form 603 - Main Form
FCC Form 601 - Main Form

e-Advisory to Maximize Spectrum Efficiency

e-Advisory to Maximize Spectrum Efficiency

Credit Policy & Application

Credit Policy and Application
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