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Can EWA complete my application for me?

For an application preparation fee, EWA can work with you to obtain the necessary administrative and technical information required by the FCC to develop your application for a new license. These items will be needed at a minimum to complete your application:

  • FCC Registration Number (FRN) - To be licensed by the FCC your Employee Identification Number (EIN) or Social Security Number (SSAN), if individual, must be registered with the FCC. EWA Spectrum Solutions and Application Preparation will obtain your FCC Registration Number (FRN), security question and password.
  • Licensee name, business address, telephone, email and eligibility for a license
  • License operating parameters that include the transmitter location, coordinates, output power, ERP and antenna information.
  • Frequency band required, VHF, UHF or 800/900 MHz

How do I get an FCC License for my two-way radio customer?

EWA provides you with several ways to submit an application for a new license. No matter which way you submit your licensing requirements to EWA, you are notified via email when the application is received, when the application with its recommended frequencies are transmitted to the FCC, and when your new license is granted.


Cevo makes securing spectrum easier than ever before - it's completely online, and accessible from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. You get fast, easy coordination results, anytime, anywhere. Track all your applications, even those of your colleagues in the same company. You decide how much data to provide, and EWA handles the rest. Even select your own frequencies! The coordination evolution starts at

Paper Worksheets

Feeling nostalgic about paper-based worksheets? EWA provides simplified worksheets based on the FCC Form 601, but we recommend using Cevo®, since it's accessible from any smartphone, tablet, or other computer...and it's easy!

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We are happy to receive your requirements via phone, email, or online form. Just visit our Contact page for the method that suits you best.

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Why do I have to file a Construction Notification?

Failure to submit this notice of construction by the deadline could result in the automatic termination of your license by the FCC, as they will assume the frequencies are not being utilized. On June 5, 2001 the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) established the Required Notification of Construction. When it issues a license for new frequencies, they normally allow one year from date of grant for the licensee to construct and place the new frequencies into operation. You may find more information regarding the construction requirements for each type of radio service on the FCC’s website, or contact EWA for more information, 1-800-482-8282.

There is no fee to submit the construction notification through the FCC Universal Licensing System (ULS), using your FRN and password. EWA assists many of its members each year with this filing obligation: simply submit the Construction Notification Request Form to EWA, and refer to our Schedule of Services for applicable fees.  The construction notice must be filed after the system has been constructed, and not before.  Beware of companies who offer to assist with this obligation shortly after a license is issued: it is not in compliance with FCC rules to file a construction notice until the system has actually been constructed. 

What will my new license cost me?

The EWA Schedule of Services will provide you with fees for your system, whether it is a base and mobile system or you are just looking for some mobile only frequencies. EWA does provide special EWA membership fees to its Business Enterprise and Wireless Sales & Service members and their customers.

What is EWA’s payment policy?

EWA’s payment policy allows for the acceptance of credit cards and the establishment of drawn down accounts. You can establish a Net 30 payment process by contacting Accounting at 703.797.5133 to request a credit application.

What is the difference between licensed and unlicensed spectrum and what is best for our needs?

EWA can evaluate your communications requirements and give you the answers about the advantages and disadvantages of both licensed and unlicensed spectrum. Our Spectrum Solutions department can clarify the differences in the allocations of spectrum and explain the FCC rules.

How do we know if the new equipment we want to buy will operate on our current system?

Our Spectrum Solutions department can evaluate your license and recommend whether the equipment you want to buy is authorized to operate at the same bandwidth and frequency band as your current license or if you need to change your license.

We’d like help choosing the right wireless technology – can you help us?

Yes! The Enterprise Wireless Solutions Center® is a unique source that can assist you with evaluating your requirements, making recommendations of best technologies and facilitating a connection to the right companies.

How do we develop a frequency strategy for our regional network?

If you are planning to expand or reconfigure your system, we can assist in determining availability of spectrum and your best spectrum strategies. Contact EWA's Bill Sterner for more information.

Can EWA help me with the narrowbanding of my licenses?

Yes. Even though the FCC mandate deadline date to migrate to narrowband was January 1, 2013 can assist you with narrowbanding your licenses. Learn more here.