e-Advisory to Maximize Spectrum Efficiency

As a result of the demand and deployment of digital systems, there have been increased incidences of interference between digital and analog systems in shared frequency environments.  In response, EWA has launched a new service for 150-512 MHz applicants that will offer guidelines and essential reporting to facilitate maximum spectrum efficiency for both new digital and analog systems. 

An e-Advisory will be sent after EWA certification, providing relevant reminders of critical FCC rules and helpful information if dealing with potential interference associated with analog and digital systems operating in shared bands.

Upon request from customers utilizing EWA frequency selection and certification services, EWA will send a Channel Sharing Report, with details on a licensee’s specific shared use environment, including names of incumbent operators and information about their systems, making it easy for licensees to maximize their system’s efficiency by recognizing in advance the types of users, systems and technologies they will encounter after system installation.  

See the FAQ for more information, or contact EWA Spectrum Solutions at 1.800.482.8282 or Customer.Service@EnterpriseWireless.org