Detailed License Analysis


Often, businesses do not optimize use of their radio systems because they’re not aware of the frequencies they have and the capabilities of that spectrum with the radios in use. If you haven’t kept up with FCC regulations and technology limitations, your licenses may not be in compliance or may not be meeting your needs. Your business could suffer, or worse, you may be subject to FCC enforcement action, including possibly monetary fines.  

EWA Members: $50 per call sign

Non Members: $100 per call sign

EWA’s Detailed License Analysis includes:

  • The Basic License Review (a $300 value)
  • A compliance check for each call sign to ensure it meets FCC regulatory requirements,such as renewal, construction and narrowbanding.
  • Status identification--to determine private or commercial classification.

EWA can also assist with consolidating multiple licenses to reduce FCC renewal fees.

Want more protection for your license portfolio?
Consider getting EWA's Total License Management and free your staff from the hassle of monitoring your FCC licenses. With this premium service, EWA's experts monitor your licenses and advise you of renewals, Part 90 construction notifications and other FCC licensing requirements—well in advance of needed action. Your best value and protection is Total License Management!