Total License Management Service

/50 call signs

Keeping on top of ever-changing FCC regulations and mandates can be a full-time job. Don't ask one of your employees to try to keep up with the intricacies of licensing. Let the experts at EWA manage your company’s licenses while your internal personnel focus on your customers and business. 

As part of this service, EWA will

  • Peform a Detailed License Review of your known licenses
  • Conduct an exhaustive search for unknown licenses associated with your company
  • Create a secure database to manage these licenses over the years to come

All licensing activity filed with EWA is monitored and you are advised well in advance of license renewals, Part 90 construction notifications and other FCC licensing requirements. Your license management file is confidential and all necessary communications will be directed to your attention, unless otherwise requested.

Your best value and protection is Total License Management!

EWA Members: $5 per call sign with a $250 (50 call sign) minimum

Non Members: $10 per call sign with a $500 (50 call sign) minimum


Radio Dealers—EWA can manage your internal licenses as well as those of your customers. Give your customers that extra level of service.