I got it … I got it!

On two occasions, EWA took the time to alert a private carrier that their authorization was listed on the FCC’s license termination pending notice which is published weekly. The private carrier said thanks and advised that they would take care of the matter. Several weeks later, EWA noticed that the frequencies had been in fact terminated by the FCC and, again contacted the private carrier offering support to potentially duplicate the terminated license. The dealer responded that it had submitted the appropriate paperwork and that the license status should now be listed as active.

Save the Hassle and Money – Pursue System Licensing

To save on renewal fees over time and make managing your licenses easier and less of an administrative burden, combine multiple call signs into one, also called system licensing. Your EWA Spectrum Advisor can review your license portfolio and help you determine the best candidates for combination. Call 1-800-482-8282 or your EWA Spectrum Advisor directly to schedule a review.

Experimental STA?!

How do you know whether a proposed new use of spectrum will benefit your company? You test it. How do you gain access to the spectrum for testing purposes? You work with EWA to file for experimental special temporary authority (STA) or license. 

Extending a Construction Notification Deadline

The storms in Florida in 2017 displaced lives, disrupted routines and destroyed buildings. An EWA member sought EWA’s guidance and FCC filing assistance to extend a pending construction deadline as it was determined the one-year build-out requirement could not be satisfied as planned wireless system structural facilities critical to the project had been destroyed. Not wanting to wait, with EWA’s support, the licensee submitted a request for an extension early noting that it was necessary to rebuild facilities before the communications system could be constructed.

Pursuing Spectrum Solutions for Innovative Applications

EWA has been consulting with the principals of goTenna, a company focused on off-grid, tactical communications. The company has introduced goTenna Pro which uses licensed spectrum in the 142-175 and 445-480 MHz bands to pair with a user’s phone to transmit critical situational awareness and command/control information such as personnel GPS tracking, map marking, biometrics, and text messaging.

Don’t Overlook the B/ILT Incumbents

In December of 2017, EWA informed Business/Industrial Land Transportation (B/ILT) and Specialized Mobile Radio (SMR) licensees in the greater Chicago metropolitan area that Verizon intended to test Power Spectral Density (PSD) cellular operations to evaluate new power limits necessary to operate PSD-based operations in the 800 MHz band. Revised Federal Communications Commission rules became effective December 1, requiring carriers authorized in the 800 MHz cellular portion of the band to notify local public safety entities that are licensed in the band.


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