A Victory for Flathead County

Good for them. Now that the FCC has granted the County’s waiver to use 8 Industrial/Business VHF frequencies to go along with the 20 or so VHF channels they already had, some of which are held in reserve for legacy systems or as backup in case the new P25-based system doesn’t work out for them as expected given coverage challenges, Flathead County, Montana must be the safest county in North America. New York City should be so lucky to have such spectrum assets at its disposal. What EWA is having trouble understanding are FCC statements in the Order that EWA had questioned whether “the Commission should sanction the use of Project 25 technology.” We didn’t ask the FCC to sanction any technology in our opposition to the County’s waiver. We did ask if the FCC had concerns about its nationwide use since the County justified its waiver request for I/B VHF channels on the “coverage difficulties and multipath propagation problems” it experienced in migrating to P-25 in its particular terrain.  Read More from Crosby's blog

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