EWA Unveiling Cevo™ at the Wireless Leadership Summit

The Coordination Evolution began this past spring with the Cevo™ mobile app which generated tremendous excitement as the first app to enable anytime, anywhere frequency searches.  The Wireless Leadership Summit is where the next phase of Cevo will be unveiled. No matter what platform, no matter how complex your frequency search or question, get immediate and accurate results with the reliability of EWA using the full version of Cevo. Conduct spectrum research, analyze channel possibilities, seek exclusive channels, review frequency coordination results, submit applications, and verify status of business/industrial and public safety land mobile radio frequency applications to the FCC. Cevo puts the full power of EWA in your hands, on any platform – mobile, smartphone, desktop. We will be doing demonstrations during the Summit. Join the Coordination Evolution!


Cevo Mobile App for Frequency Availability

Cevo Frequency Availability Mobile App