About EWA

The Enterprise Wireless Alliance (EWA) is the leading national association for business enterprise wireless users, and for the manufacturers, resellers and communication sales and service providers that serve the private wireless industry. A frequency coordinator certified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), EWA provides consulting services, frequency coordination, license preparation, spectrum management and associated services to the business/industrial/land transportation and public safety communities. EWA’s advocacy transforms public policy, and its services support business productivity by providing reliable guidance regarding spectrum and wireless technology access decisions. Members and clients trust EWA to process more applications per year than any other frequency advisory committee. EWA is the developer of Cevo®, a powerful online frequency coordination solution, which simplifies the FCC license application process and allows users to select their own frequencies, and is the creator of Cevo Go, a mobile app that delivers certified frequencies in hours, not days. 

Learn more about EWA by reading its most recent Annual Report.

Spectrum Equity, Inc.

Spectrum Equity, Inc. (SEI), formed in 2000, is the non-stock, wholly-owned subsidiary of EWA. SEI was organized to pursue strategic spectrum ventures for EWA, through the use of EWA’s resources. SEI holds 220/221 MHz licenses, and as an-FCC recognized band manager, makes that spectrum available to business enterprises, state and local municipalities and other entities through lease agreements. For more information, contact SEI President Mark Crosby.