Critical Alliances

Land Mobile Communications Council

The Land Mobile Communications Council (LMCC) is a nonprofit association of organizations that represent the wireless communications interests of public safety, critical infrastructure, business, industrial, transportation, private and common carriers, and manufacturers of wireless communications equipment. EWA is a voting member and provides administrative and meeting management services to LMCC. EWA President and CEO Mark Crosby serves as Secretary/Treasurer of LMCC.

Public Safety Communications Associates

Formed in March 2012, the Public Safety Communications Associates (PSCA) represents a partnership between the Forestry Conservation Communications Association (FCCA) and the International Municipal Signal Association/International Association of Fire Chiefs (IMSA/IAFC), both of which are FCC-certified public safety frequency advisory committees. PSCA provides frequency coordination and related services to the entire public safety industry. Under a formal agreement with PSCA, EWA submits nearly 100% of its public safety license applications through this professional service organization.