Power Your Success

As a member of the Enterprise Wireless Alliance, you have an edge in your industry. Your business is impacted by changes in spectrum access, shifting license requirements, and the rapid pace of technological change. EWA monitors the regulatory landscape for you, fights to protect your access to spectrum, delivers the information you need to stay in compliance, provides the education that your technicians and employees need, and ensures that you have access to the information that can keep you competitive.

Membership Categories

  • Wireless Sales and Service Provider

    Any organization that primarily markets, distributes, sells, represents, maintains or services wireless communication systems and devices. Membership in EWA is covered by most radio manufacturers' co-op programs.
  • Private Carrier Operator

    An organization that primarily manages its own radio network and provides private or commercial communications services.
  • Business Enterprise

    A licensee that relies on voice and data wireless communications to support operations, logistics, critical infrastructure needs, or employee or public safety.
  • Vendor / Manufacturer

    Any organization that manufactures or produces wireless communications components, equipment, devices, systems, or software. This category is also open to companies that provide consulting, legal, engineering or other services to support wireless sales and service providers or business enterprises.

Manufacturers Support Membership

Hytera Inc, Icom America, JVCKENWOOD USA, L3Harris Technologies, Motorola Solutions, and Tait Communications reimburse EWA customers for all or a portion of
services and membership through co-op programs.