Only $.036 Per Day

In this week’s Insider, the lead story was entitled “New Filing Fees - One Complicated Surprise,” which explained to members why license renewals can prove to be more complicated than before. Evidently, what was once a single fee obligation may now potentially require an additional fee if the renewal is accompanied by a “major” modification, the definition of which is found in Section 1.929 of the FCC’s Rules. How to respond properly to question #7 on the form 601 is best left to those with a higher pay grade than mine, but trust that EWA staff may correctly guide our members through this new twist to the regulatory maze. But I was thinking that this was potentially a lot of work for a fee that may total only $130 to secure a 10-year license. If my math is correct, the $130 fee works out to be $13 per year, or $1.83 per month, or $.036 per day over the life of the license! It is important to have your licenses properly reflect the actual technical parameters of the active wireless system. If license changes are determined to be major, amend your licenses which complies with FCC rules and concurrently protects your communication system investments. At $.036 per day, the decision is not about the money!