EWA and pdvWireless File Further Comments on 900 MHz PEBB

On May 2, EWA and pdvWireless filed Further Comments with the Federal Communications Commission that recommend revisions to the original proposal for Private Enterprise Broadband (PEBB) in the 900 MHz band. The need for the reallocation of this band and private enterprise broadband has become glaringly evident in the face of the Russian hacking of the electric grid. The reallocation of the 900 MHz band to allow for a broadband opportunity available exclusively to Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) and Business/Industrial Land Transportation (B/ILT) users would enable secure and reliable broadband for critical infrastructure and business enterprise. 

The revisions proposed in the Further Comments increase protections against the possibility of interference, protecting incumbents, and ensure that PEBB service areas mirror more closely those of CII and B/ILT entities. The revisions are the result of conversations with incumbents in the band since the release of the original proposal in 2014.  

Thursday, May 3, 2018