Federal Filings

Given the broad array of regulatory and spectrum allocation policy matters that come before EWA and its membership, it is critical that the Alliance engage primarily in proceedings that impact the majority of its members. This is especially the case given that EWA’s membership base includes not only wireless system licensees, but also manufacturers, vendors and communication service providers whose interests do not always align. EWA, therefore, follows well-defined advocacy determination procedures that require two-thirds approval by EWA’s Board of Directors before new advocacy efforts may be pursued. Members are always welcome to share their recommendations and comments on EWA advocacy initiatives and are encouraged to attend EWA’s bi-weekly Regulatory Teleconference Forums where EWA President & CEO Robin Cohen, Chief Strategy Officer Mark Crosby, and EWA Regulatory Counsel Elizabeth Sachs, Esq., discuss national telecommunication policy matters and answer member questions.

The National Wireless Communications Council (NWCC) follows similar advocacy determination procedures, but simple majority approval by the membership, and with no more than one fourth of the membership voting in opposition, is sufficient to initiate an NWCC advocacy effort. In many instances, EWA prefers to pursue advocacy initiatives through the NWCC as consensus within the industry is viewed favorably by the FCC. 

EWA is a member of the Board of Directors of the NWCC that also pursues on behalf of the industry regulatory and spectrum policy advocacy initiatives. The NWCC often participates in FCC matters of importance to both business/industrial and public safety interests.