The Enterprise Wireless Alliance and Pacific DataVision Inc. File Joint Comments in 900 MHz Proceeding


HERNDON, V.A. and WOODLAND PARK, N.J., January 15, 2015 - The Enterprise Wireless Alliance (EWA) and Pacific DataVision, Inc. (PDV) joined other industry participants on Monday, January 12 responding to the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) request for comments to the EWA/PDV Petition for Rulemaking regarding realignment of 900 MHz spectrum, which the FCC placed on Public Notice November 26, 2014. These comments are the first formal step in the FCC’s process of determining whether to issue a notice of proposed rulemaking that would structure the rules governing the proposed realignment of the 900 MHz band.

Mark Crosby, President and CEO of the Enterprise Wireless Alliance, stated, "The comments filed this week contain few surprises since EWA and PDV have been working for over a year with representatives from critical infrastructure industries (CII) to craft a broadband proposal and listening to their concerns. Support for a new broadband opportunity below 1 GHz, voiced even by incumbents with the most apprehension, suggests to me that the industry has plenty of incentive to continue the detailed process of evaluating the best way of handling realignment."

Morgan O'Brien, Vice Chairman of PDV, added, "I have a lot of experience with and respect for the FCC process from prior rebanding proceedings, particularly this initial phase in which incumbents on the affected spectrum have their first chance to put their questions and concerns on the record." He continued saying, "Any change to an established radio environment, particularly among the entities that use their radio systems for vital services, often involving the safety of life, must be considered with great care. Comments filed this week voice a variety of concerns and identify technical issues that must be examined by the FCC in a rulemaking proceeding."

Many of the licensees in this 900 MHz band are critical infrastructure industries such as utilities and energy companies, as well as airlines, major manufacturers, municipal transportation and entities offering commercial services. Mr. O'Brien added, "As many parties made clear in their comments, the obvious benefits of a new broadband opportunity for CII entities on licensed spectrum below 1 GHz must be carefully weighed against the short-term inconvenience of changing the status quo. That process has now commenced."

EWA and PDV's joint comments can be found on both the EWA website at and the PDV website at

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