Federal Licensing Unleashes New Tactic to Mislead Licensees

September 11, 2018

Just when licensees may have thought that they were safe from Federal Licensing’s predatory sales tactics, they recently unleashed a new scheme to persuade Federal Communications Commission (FCC) licensees to pay them to file applications. The first sentence in their latest solicitation letter starts with “We received a request for modification to your two way radio license Call Sign [KAAA123],” and then asks the recipient to “indicate all Modifications below & return in the enclosed envelope.” Of course, the solicitation letter does not advise who supposedly contacted them to prepare the modification, which is completely understandable, because the chance that someone  anyone  contacted them in the first place is zero, or at least was in the case brought to EWA’’s  attention. But ethics do not apply when a business is designed to prey on licensees who may be easily misled. EWA notes that it did not notice a “Not affiliated with the U.S Government” disclaimer this time around, but they do attach a ULS license, which anyone can generate and that presumably is included to add an appearance of credibility. The letter also does not say anything about their fees or FCC charges for filing a modification, but it is safe to assume this is not a free service. 

While the majority of Enterprise Wireless Alliance (EWA) members and customers chuckle when they receive Federal Licensing solicitation letters, tell us that they use them to house train their new dog, or simply ball them up and throw them away, EWA suggests that licensees continue to advise their employees and customers not to be fooled. Enough licensees apparently fall for such tactics to make these fishing expeditions financially worthwhile. 

copy of this latest solicitation can be viewed on EWA’s website for reference purposes. If any licensee is fed up with Federal Licensing’s shenanigans, EWA recommends filing a complaint directly with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) either by phone (1-877-FTC-HELP); or online at antitrust@ftc.gov regarding “unfair or deceptive business practices.” Regardless, a complaint assists the FTC in detecting patterns of fraud and abuse.

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